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Aloevera works as Demulcent in our digestive system & also helps in case of Constipation, Acidity, Lever problems & indigetion. It can helps to reduce

Gingano Daily Shampoo is useful for all kinds of hair. Gingsen and Ganoderma extract and Aloevera make it rich in substance. This shampoo stops hair

Gingano Pleasure (soap) : Gingano pleasure is a soap. People from every age group can use it for healthy and better skin and hair.

Generally, females have soften skin. They use moisturizer and whitening cream to maintain softness and whiteness. Ganoderma extract and Ginseng extract

Spirulina is a type of blue and green plant cell (algae) People of all agees are recomended to consume Spirulina- be it pregnant womam. Children and

People from south-east pacific area have been enjoying motitis as fruit for good health, exactly the same zeronin is found in Morinda. Which is

If we use it 10-15 minutes before moving out in the sun, it helps to keep our skin naturally healthy. People of all ages are encouraged to apply

Healthy Ganoderma green tea doesn’t contain any health hazardous certified Ganoderma extract & NASAA cerfied green tea. So, this healthy green

Ginseng black coffee contains antioxidant, carbohydrate, Iron, protein, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, Gamoderma etc. Organic Ginseng extract

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Organic World Group

Organic world group Pvt. Ltd. (OWG) is a researcher, designer, developer, producer and trader company.  which started its operations in the year 2012, is now becoming a leading company dealing in world class product. OWG is constantly growing at a phenomenal rate every year.

OWG dedicated to support and serve to fulfill the gap of nutrition and the health. OWG establish to serve and to provide variety of organic health care food supplement, nutritious beverage , personal care,oral care , skin care , leap care and agri care products. 

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